Wednesday, July 11, 2012

long term hair transition begins!!

SO....I am new to this, but I love to write to express myself. It frees and relaxes me. Once I get my thoughts out, I feel renewed. LOL! I will shorten words and I will blog the way I feel. So if I mispell something, I am aware and its just me typing! (I am not perfect and I am a bit lazy when it comes to spell check or re-reading my stuff before I hit PUBLISH! So bear with me & enjoy!

Anyways, I have decided to transition natural!! :) I am excited and nervous at the same time! My last perm was on May 18 (My 24th bday-Im getting old) and almost 2 month later, I have begun my transition!! Last October(2011) I decided to stretch my perms out and relax my hair every 3 months! (I was able to stick to that plan, but now it's July and I currently say, "bye bye perms!" *Chunks dueces!!* I have been a website junky, reading tips, styles, testimonies, products, etc everyday! Its a bit overwhelming, but I think I have all the products I need!! Ill be back to finish this blog. But I started this blog as a way to help me keep up and hold myself accountable to stick to this transition plan. I want to transition simply because I am scared of the BC (big chop) and Im determined to keep my length. I am striving for long curly HEALTHY hair!! (no more chemical that do more harm than hurt to MY hair in the long run---I have bad breakage and shedding and my hair has thinned out over the years!! Soo please feel free to follow me and help me on my journey!! (pics to come!)

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