Thursday, July 12, 2012

Splitting and breaking ends= no fun!

Of my few reasons to go natural, one was to manage my splitting and breaking ends. This is my main struggle. My hair still seems to grow despite of my breakage, but I wanted to achieve long healthy hair past my shoulders! But that hasnt seemed to happen. Although since I started stretching my perms and caring for my hair since last Oct, my hair has shown great improvement. But I was still relying on chemicals. And as you know, I had enough!! Im ready to transition, but the more I research, my split ends make me fringe. I examined them yesterday at work and was very disgusted. But as I researched, I just need to treat them and get my trims more as my natural hair grows in. But ladies, learn about the diff. kinds of split, splitting, and breaking ends and take immediate action!!! I trimmed my relaxed hair briefly last week, but I am going to dust my hair this week and continue my journey!!! Oh..I am so fixed on Carol's Daughter's products, but I think I should stick to the products I have and stick to my routine I have planned out! My hair seems to be liking it so far! But i need to cut more of these split ends away!! :)

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