Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

Hey there folks! Just wanted to stop through and wish you all a Merry Christmas! I'm sure all you fellow transitioners have that hair on point. As for me, I finally got those Senegalese twists I wanted! Had them for 3 Weeks now! I love them!.this may be my go to! Lol. Plan to keep them for 2to3 months! Hope I can make them last!! Happy holidays!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Been soo busy!

Hey loves! Sorry.I've been slacking again on the post. But here's a quick up date!!! I have lots of pics coming soon! Lol! I love my hair. I have days where I have no idea what to do with it. But i've been getting good with Bantu knot outs!! Im thinking about a protective style. Senegalese twist maybe or kinky twist! Shrugs! I'm almost 5 months post. This Friday! :)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Blog Achievement!

Wow guys!!! After looking at so many other Blogs and actually playing around with settings, layouts, and GADGETS!! I finally have figured out how to blog correctly and add all the necessary gadgets on my blog!! Now my blog can thrive!! LOL!!

It does feel great to know that over 500 people have seen my blog!! Now only if I knew how to do all of this 2 months ago!! haha!!

I feel achieved!!!

That is ALL!!

Last week was bun week!!!

Hello Loves!

If you recall from my last post.I mentioned that I had a wavy sew in for 2 weeks. (lol) Well, after 2 weeks I sporadically took it out one night and put it in a bun and went to sleep!! The next morning I decided to bun and I this was going to be my style all week.

Although, two days after the sew in was out, I had finally had time to do my wash routine. I was pushed for time so it was a quick process. I then had a style look that I wanted to do in my head. Two big two strand twist in the front half of my hair and I'd banana clip bun it high in the back! Well those two strand flat twist were fails. My hair was still kind of tangled and wet. So after many attempts I was running out of time and had to get to work. I ended up just regular flat twisting two big twists and banana bunning it! It was a success and very cute. I slicked the edges back with Motions hair wrapping mousse and Egde patrol! One of my players said I had a Princess Diana updo look! I took that as a compliment. But I rocked the Buns all week and it was a low maintenance PS. I was able to work out with this style and just fix my edges and redo the bun if needed each day! Check it out!!

I been Slacking!

Hello Loves!

I realize I have been slacking so much lately on my post! There have been so many things going on with my hair! I have been snapping pictures here and there, so I will be able to go through my pics and make specific post about them. I do plan to do that!! Right now, I am 4 months post!!! (Whoop Whoop) Still a newbie I think. I recently bought a few new things. I have been trying to keep my PJness under control..But ya know how that goes!! LOL!

Recently I had my hair in a wavy sew in...that was supposed to last 1-2 months..BUT guess what. I took it out after 2 weeks! LMAO!! What can I say..I truly missed my hair and being able to love on it! So the sew in had to go and I don't think I will get another one. Another reason was that I had some cheap hair..smh. it was just toooo much to deal with! Smh! So sad I cant even recall the name! Don't want to tho! *shrugs* Then my hair broke off a lot. I was very sad and that there was my confirmation that I cannot deal with the sew ins anymore! BUT

I had a new growth break through!!! MY HAIR WAS SOFT!! FELT LIKE SILK!!! Well at least the hair that was beehived up! When I took it down my new growth was so soft!!! So I have been trying to figure out what I did... I couldn't really get to that hair but I did mix water and Hello Hydration in a bottle. And I co washed once and oiled once. and just left it alone... Soooo maybe thats what I need to do!!! LEAVE MY HAIR ALONE for the most to get that softness. Its still somewhat soft now, but mane!!!!! I need that particular softness back! I will be experimenting!

I have also decided to make a hair calendar hard copy. Its easier and more convenient for me to just write things down and go back to them later. This way I can keep up with styles, hair mixtures, what I used in my hair, etc.

Well Im going to try to catch up on my posts and everything else!! Thanks & comment!!

4 months post & My LOC method

Hello loves!

This morning marks my 4 month post relaxer date! Im so excited!! This is indeed the longest I've gone without a perm. So far its been okay. Some days are better than others. Right now my hair is in a straight ponytail. Smoothed up with the LOC method. I used my aloe Vera juice, glycerine, and water mix for the liquid, avocado oil for the oil, and Cantu leave in for the cream. I slicked my edges down with motions foam wrap and edge patrol!!

This is the longest my ponytail has been!! My relaxed ends are pathetic tho. But im taking care of them. I currently have 1.5 to 2 Inches of new growth in various spots!! :)
Some of the pics are from a failed roller set silk wrap attempt. I took a shower after I sat under the dryer with the saran wrap in the shower and my hair became damp n I lost all my curls. :(

But I was able to wrap it. This is how my hair has the straight look! No flat iron or direct heat over here!!

I will try the silk wrap again but minus the shower after!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Shea Moisture GOC

I was on NaturallyCurly.com today and looks like Shea Moisture is having a GOC where you blog about your big chop, transition, or natural hair journey. It started this month and is going to January 16, 2013...

So I started a blog on there website as well..http://www.naturallycurly.com/blog_contests/view_blog/grow-out-challenge/2909

SO to go along with my current 2inches in 3 months (NOV) I'll add 2 more inches, so in January, I hope to have 4 new inches of new growth along with my 1.5 inches now of new growth! :) (Total of 5-5.5 inches by Jan. 2013!

I know I've been slacking big time! But I plan to update from the past couple of weeks soon!!! With Pics!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hair Porosity

Can your locs of love hold on to the love you share???

In other words, all the moisture and loving we show our hair, why does she seem to hold it for a second and then throw it back???

Hair porosity is your hair's ability to retain and hold on to moisture. It can depend on a variety of things...genetics, your diet, and of course your hair history.

Hair history can consist of chemical relaxers, flat ironing, heat usage, chemcial coloring, bleaching, etc. The things that you have done since childhood that contribute to the health of your hair.

Hair porosity is considered normal (medium), high, or low.

There are a few tricks you can do to determine hair porosity.

Check this link from curlynikki.com that was posted today (August 21, 2012) by by NaturallyChelsea via NaturallyCurly...http://www.curlynikki.com/2012/08/how-to-moisturize-natural-hair.html

It's very helpful and after reading this specific post, I can definitely say my hair is HIGHLY POROUS!! smh.lol

This next section was taken directly from the post that I mentioned above...(dedicated for the fellow highly porous ladies)

"If you have high porosity hair, it probably has a difficult time holding onto moisture because of its raised cuticles that allow moisture to be lost to the atmosphere. In order to keep your tresses happy, apply heavy products to your hair in layers. Try applying a leave in, then a thick moisturizer then a heavy butter to seal all the moisture in. To keep your hair moisturized throughout the week, mix your favorite liquid moisturizer or leave in with water in a spray bottle with a few drops of oil and spray it on your hair at nights then seal with a butter.

To help close your cuticles temporarily to better hold onto moisture, try doing
apple cider vinegar rinses when you cleanse your hair. Apple cider vinegar is acidic and will temporarily help to close your cuticles. Mix 1-2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with 2 cups of water and pour it over your hair after cleansing it, then dry it and style as normal. You can also try adding more aloe vera gel or juice to your regimen."

Well, atleast my new growth is...but my relaxed ends are definitely damaged from heat & chemicals. I don't know if it's just a phase for my new growth..(scab hair perhaps)...(I hope this phase ends soon..) or if my hair will be naturally dry when its fully dry! :( hope not! Anyhoot!

Check the link and determine how porous your hair is.. I think when we assess our hair, we can figure out what we are lacking and therefore buy products based on what we need! :) That's just me!

I know my relaxed hair needs protein and moisture...could my new growth be opposite?? Hmmmmm...

Made it to 3 months Post :)

Hey folks,

Its been a couple of weeks since my last post. I have been very busy with my family, school, work, etc. I have been caring for my hair of course! I've reached 3 months post relaxer last Friday and my hair was in a bun with hump made from a braidout that I couldn't wait to wash out! LOL. Lately I have been dealing with dry new growth and trying new things to help.. I also had a very long wash day this past Saturday. I tried a few new things and Im going to stick with them! I did get some Aloe Vera Juice and it really does moisturize and soften your hair! (Of course you have to seal the moisture in with an oil!) My hair tends to have temp. fixes to dry hair! IDK..so I will say, I am mixing and matching things together that will help moisturize.

 I am going to post a specific blog about my recent wash day and everything I did. I will post a blog about the L.O.C. method that I recently tried. Another blog about my new growth and styles & product reviews... AND..lol..another post about my reading into PH balance, CONES, SULFATE, curl patterns & my hair on my sides...

Hopefully, I will accomplish all of these posts by the end of the week. (Im trying to balance my life and keep up with my blog (IT relieves soo much stress!!)

Also, I am going to start a personal 2 inch growth challenge with a 10lb weight lost challenge & focus on my relationship with God more!! I will post the details later! :)

Happy growing!! :)

Be blessed!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Braid & Curl...

Hello folks!

So I was inspired to do a braid n curl after seeing it as a good transitioning workout style...wellll...lets say fail...not completely...But just didn't turn out the way I wanted. The next time I do it, Ill definitely try some diff things out.. But maybe braid outs aren't my thing..Although I love the volume they give me with buns and big flat twist and pony's... I hadnt made it that far with this braid out due to dryness. Anyways, It was wash day, so I did my prepoo, wash, condition, deep condition, hot oil and a STEAM TREATMENT (with my hooded dryer, saran wrap, a warm towel) & leave in. I used my Shea MO\oisture products for the whole day and I used some ECO gel and I think HE HH as a leave in & a lil coconut oil....well anyhoot...After I put my braids and perm rods on, I was so excited and couldn't wait for it to dry. I intended on sitting under the dryer...BUT it was too much going on around me so I air dried for like a day straight. (didn't leave the house..lol!). Well to make a long story short..MY NEW GROWTH WAS SOOOO ASHY LOOKING & DRY. But I made it work that day. But yesterday....can you say bad hair day!!! Then the headband I had on...BROKE..(It was only a dollar tho..so what can I expect?? lol)... So last night I had to wash and free my new growth of the dryness... But of course I was searching for products that were best for my kind of  hair...Yes, I looked into the hair typing...Im still confused of my own...I don't know if its 4a or 4c or just in the middle..shrugs! Ill have to wait a while to really know.. Anyhoot. I told myself that I have to work out more!! I have too! So I did a fun Turbo Fire workout and boy I was sweating! & so was my hair! :( So I co-washed with yet another NEW CONDITIONER and then I moisturized with a aloe Vera juice mix. (yes I bought some juice too!) DON'T JUDGE! I need to find my staple products....

The bigger picture is why ws my new growth so dry??? Was it the Herbal Essence, the Shea Moisture, The Eco Gel, or wht???? HMmm..Ill be figuring that out! (I don't sulfate, so I wonder if it was the cones) Ill be checking out all my products..

Im about to post like crazy about random things with my hair and these new products I have! OH but I think I found a regimen that I will stick too!!!!! LOL! After today!! hopefully...I WILL NOT BUY ANYMORE PRODUCT!!

Check out the pics..My relaxed hair was soft, and shining and the definition was okay..I wanted more curls! but LOOK AT MY NEW GROWTH! UGH! DRY so I said BYE! lol

Thursday, August 9, 2012

12 wk post Updates, new products, dry twist out, random

Hello folks, let's see...

Last time I left I tried a rollerset. It turned out pretty good...but the heat made my curls, fall faster rehab expected and plus I was ready to try out herbal essence hello hydration!!! Yes, I caved and got some. It was, on sale tho, so I had to try it. I Co washed my hair with it and my oh my!!! What a great product, silky, slippage, detangler, and very moisturizing. So I give it a plus. I also want to try a few more things... Only because I want to know the best products for me. I want to try Aussie moist and,herbal essences long term relationship! I'm going to try to use only one product for 3 to four Weeks along with my other things I use abd, Maghreb my decision then. Im really hoping to have my staple regimen, and products by 6 to 8 months post...we shall see... Oh, remember I said walgreens had that sale on Shea moisture stuff, well I got done, conditioner, deep masqu, style milk, and curling stuff. Check the pic... I prob won't use any till i'm done, with my trial Shea moisture. I do know for sure, I love Shea moisture and I will cont using their stuff.

Anyhoot... I made my first YouTube video... It was me taking down a twistout on dry hair... N a lil style. I used coconut oil, hello hydration, eco style gel, and oil elixr. It came out shiny, moisturized, n defined. Although my twist in the back were a little loose. Ill adjust next time.

Heres the link to my video!

I plan to make more vids to capture my journey and share..
I plan to keep my twistout til Sunday prob... And I really want a long term protective style... Senegalese twist, sew in, twist dreds....any other suggestions??

Well til next time..

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Hair update..randomness & pics!

Hey folks,
So I downloaded the app on my phone so I can post more. They will prob be more frequent, but short and sweet. Anyways, to recap my week..early in the week, I rocked a five day braidout. It didnt come out how I wanted, so I wore it in ponys and buns. On the last day I wore it I a high bun with my first piece of ”hair candy” :) I loved it!  Then I finally used.some Shea moisture products and ive told myself i'm going to cut down on too much product! Plus I want to see how wrll my hair likes.the products. So far so good. The deep mask is a Great detangler and leave in soo far. I also bout some eco.styler olive.oil gel. It was the big one and only $2.99! 
Anyways after I washed my hair with the S.M. Products, conditioned, n deep conditioned, I did a simple twist out with four twist and air dried. The next morning it was cool. But it want great, so that same night, I Co washed n dusted my ends finally!!.then did another simple twist out.
Oh yeah, my hair loves coconut oil as a moisturizer. I made a pre poo the other day, and put it all in my hair and I dnt think I rinsed it out, can't remember..lol , but I think I tend to use too.much!.less is more is what I keep telling myself!
So lasT night, I conditioned, and deep conditioned with the s.m. Deep mask and left it in and decided to do.a roller set! I also mixed some water n cocunut oil n dabbed a little on my.hair with each roller! I sat under the dryer, then re rolled with my soft rollers and went to bed. It came out pretty good this morning! So I think i'm going to experiment with roller sets over the next month. I am almost at 3 month post,.so I think I can pull these off.
Im trying to figure out the protective styles that work best for me because I manipulate my hair way too much..n right now, roller sets my just be that..(any ideas)??
Hmmm.. What else...oh ive been tempted to try a few other products because of their high reviews, well just conditioners really, herbal essence hello hydration, Aussie moist, and the herbal essense long term relatuonship. I'm going to hold off on them tho!
See my issues right now is my new growth is so dry.at times when its fully dry. So im still going to finish with the s.m. Products, cause my hair loves!!.
I have a confession, sooo.walgreens had this banging sale this week online and all of their Shea moisture was like $7.99 and free shipping on orders over$25. So lets just say I got $35.00 worth. Four different items. When I get them, ill reveal the products... Plus my hand is getting tired of typing on this phone...well my thumb is. Lol!!
Here are some pics for u guys of roller set, twistouts, buns, braidout, n curly ponys! Enjoy and next time i need to talk about tje revolt! Read my next post and you will understand. :)
Feel free to respond n comment!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Shea Moisture, My Regimen & 11wk hair growth & PICS!!

Hello folks!

Well my wash day, turned into wash night. I currently have the Shea Moisture raw Shea butter deep treatment masque in my head. I have about 10 more minutes so I decided to get on here...

I bought the Shea moisture repair & transition kit last week and I've been excited to test it out my self. The shampoo was cool, the conditioner was really nice, and the masque has my hair silky. My relaxed ends felt so smooth & silky and my natural hair seemed to soak it all up. So Im anxious to see how my hair feels after I rinse it out!! Ill keep you updated.

So I also bout the 100% Virgin Coconut Oil, Unrefined and Expeller pressed. I used that and my olive oil mix as my pre-poo & my hair LOVVVEEEDDD the coconut oil! Once I rinse this DP out, Im going to use the coconut oil in my hair as a leave in. Also, my new growth and scalp has been itching lately. I read up on diff. oils and treatments...So i put some tea tree oil on my scalp as pre-poo too & it helped. I also put some tea tree oil on my face after I washed.. (its good for dry, irritated and oily skin as well as your hair!) My face liked it a lot! I have a glow going on! (No oily glow)

Anyways, so i think I figured out my daily, weekly and monthly regimen that I will start going by..(Of course I will still be experimenting with my products on dry versus wet hair, and which oils my hair loves, etc) So here it is...

1. Lightly wet, moisturize and detangle with Soft & Precious Baby Conditioner spray (my hair loves this), Moisturize with ORS Hair & scalp Shea butter, Proclaim coconut oil & ORS Carrot oil,

2. Seal moisture with Virgin Olive Oil

3. Style & spray with Shea Moisture Hair Elixir

Wash or Co-Wash routine..

1. Pre-poo w/coconut/olive oil mix & any other needed oil..

2. Shampoo or Co-Wash

3. Condition (Detangle)

4. Deep condition (Detangle)- Sit under dryer or not..

5. Hot oil treatment (Under dryer) then rinse out.. (my skin is already oily and if I don't rinse my face with be extra oily!!)

6. Leave- in Conditioner

7. Style and spray with Hair Elixir


1. Dust hair while styled in 2- strand twist.. (My hair really responds to frequent dusting of hair)

2. Protein treatment and the deep condition after.. (Ill do this on wash day)

Every 3 months (12 Weeks):

1.Trim my ends & growth check..

So as of tonight, my hair has grown 1/2-1inch in various places of my hair.. I need to start drinking more water a day, working out on a daily basis again, eating my veggies, and taking my vitamins. ( This will contribute to the health and growth of my hair)!!

Well im dog tired and i need to rinse out this conditioner..

IDK if I should apply the coconut oil on wet hair or dry hair...I guess tonight its going to be wet hair...Well see how it responds in the morning.

Oh I have NO CLUE how im going to style my hair in the morning because it too late and IM TOOOOOO Tired to style tonight.. Oh well!!!

Good night loves!!  The first pic is back in my relaxed days! (To give you an idea of my relaxed hair..) & the rest are a few pics of a few styles I've tried(Bantu knots, braid out, twist out) I'll post more later!!