Thursday, August 9, 2012

12 wk post Updates, new products, dry twist out, random

Hello folks, let's see...

Last time I left I tried a rollerset. It turned out pretty good...but the heat made my curls, fall faster rehab expected and plus I was ready to try out herbal essence hello hydration!!! Yes, I caved and got some. It was, on sale tho, so I had to try it. I Co washed my hair with it and my oh my!!! What a great product, silky, slippage, detangler, and very moisturizing. So I give it a plus. I also want to try a few more things... Only because I want to know the best products for me. I want to try Aussie moist and,herbal essences long term relationship! I'm going to try to use only one product for 3 to four Weeks along with my other things I use abd, Maghreb my decision then. Im really hoping to have my staple regimen, and products by 6 to 8 months post...we shall see... Oh, remember I said walgreens had that sale on Shea moisture stuff, well I got done, conditioner, deep masqu, style milk, and curling stuff. Check the pic... I prob won't use any till i'm done, with my trial Shea moisture. I do know for sure, I love Shea moisture and I will cont using their stuff.

Anyhoot... I made my first YouTube video... It was me taking down a twistout on dry hair... N a lil style. I used coconut oil, hello hydration, eco style gel, and oil elixr. It came out shiny, moisturized, n defined. Although my twist in the back were a little loose. Ill adjust next time.

Heres the link to my video!

I plan to make more vids to capture my journey and share..
I plan to keep my twistout til Sunday prob... And I really want a long term protective style... Senegalese twist, sew in, twist dreds....any other suggestions??

Well til next time..

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