Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Made it to 3 months Post :)

Hey folks,

Its been a couple of weeks since my last post. I have been very busy with my family, school, work, etc. I have been caring for my hair of course! I've reached 3 months post relaxer last Friday and my hair was in a bun with hump made from a braidout that I couldn't wait to wash out! LOL. Lately I have been dealing with dry new growth and trying new things to help.. I also had a very long wash day this past Saturday. I tried a few new things and Im going to stick with them! I did get some Aloe Vera Juice and it really does moisturize and soften your hair! (Of course you have to seal the moisture in with an oil!) My hair tends to have temp. fixes to dry hair! IDK..so I will say, I am mixing and matching things together that will help moisturize.

 I am going to post a specific blog about my recent wash day and everything I did. I will post a blog about the L.O.C. method that I recently tried. Another blog about my new growth and styles & product reviews... AND..lol..another post about my reading into PH balance, CONES, SULFATE, curl patterns & my hair on my sides...

Hopefully, I will accomplish all of these posts by the end of the week. (Im trying to balance my life and keep up with my blog (IT relieves soo much stress!!)

Also, I am going to start a personal 2 inch growth challenge with a 10lb weight lost challenge & focus on my relationship with God more!! I will post the details later! :)

Happy growing!! :)

Be blessed!

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