Saturday, August 4, 2012

Hair update..randomness & pics!

Hey folks,
So I downloaded the app on my phone so I can post more. They will prob be more frequent, but short and sweet. Anyways, to recap my week..early in the week, I rocked a five day braidout. It didnt come out how I wanted, so I wore it in ponys and buns. On the last day I wore it I a high bun with my first piece of ”hair candy” :) I loved it!  Then I finally used.some Shea moisture products and ive told myself i'm going to cut down on too much product! Plus I want to see how wrll my hair likes.the products. So far so good. The deep mask is a Great detangler and leave in soo far. I also bout some eco.styler olive.oil gel. It was the big one and only $2.99! 
Anyways after I washed my hair with the S.M. Products, conditioned, n deep conditioned, I did a simple twist out with four twist and air dried. The next morning it was cool. But it want great, so that same night, I Co washed n dusted my ends finally!!.then did another simple twist out.
Oh yeah, my hair loves coconut oil as a moisturizer. I made a pre poo the other day, and put it all in my hair and I dnt think I rinsed it out, can't , but I think I tend to use too.much!.less is more is what I keep telling myself!
So lasT night, I conditioned, and deep conditioned with the s.m. Deep mask and left it in and decided to do.a roller set! I also mixed some water n cocunut oil n dabbed a little on with each roller! I sat under the dryer, then re rolled with my soft rollers and went to bed. It came out pretty good this morning! So I think i'm going to experiment with roller sets over the next month. I am almost at 3 month post,.so I think I can pull these off.
Im trying to figure out the protective styles that work best for me because I manipulate my hair way too much..n right now, roller sets my just be that..(any ideas)??
Hmmm.. What else...oh ive been tempted to try a few other products because of their high reviews, well just conditioners really, herbal essence hello hydration, Aussie moist, and the herbal essense long term relatuonship. I'm going to hold off on them tho!
See my issues right now is my new growth is so times when its fully dry. So im still going to finish with the s.m. Products, cause my hair loves!!.
I have a confession, sooo.walgreens had this banging sale this week online and all of their Shea moisture was like $7.99 and free shipping on orders over$25. So lets just say I got $35.00 worth. Four different items. When I get them, ill reveal the products... Plus my hand is getting tired of typing on this phone...well my thumb is. Lol!!
Here are some pics for u guys of roller set, twistouts, buns, braidout, n curly ponys! Enjoy and next time i need to talk about tje revolt! Read my next post and you will understand. :)
Feel free to respond n comment!


  1. Nice growth! Shea Moisture is one of the best transitioning products you can use. I am in my 9th month and love their products. One thing that I wish I knew earlier in my journey was to not use shampoo with sulfate. Sulfate strips your hair of its natural oil. If you want to use shampoo, use a sulfate free.. or just use conditioner to wash your hair. I love Tresemme Natural.

    Can you also add a "Follow" link on your blog so that we can all follow your journey?

    Check out my blog:

  2. Sawah thank u for your comment!!! :) i've decided early to stop with the sulfate shampoo s. I like the Shea moisture retention poo. I Co wash weekly or more depending on my hair.. I just,tried out herbal essence hello hydration. Love it. I also want to try long term relationship and Aussie moist, but these,will only serve,as Co washers and ill prob use them when I deep condition, but right now Shea moisture I love there stuff.

    Sooo how do I add a follow link to my page???

    Im going to check out your blog!! How is your transition going? How long do you plan to transition?? What are your staple styles??

    Please subscribe and share!!