Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Shea Moisture, My Regimen & 11wk hair growth & PICS!!

Hello folks!

Well my wash day, turned into wash night. I currently have the Shea Moisture raw Shea butter deep treatment masque in my head. I have about 10 more minutes so I decided to get on here...

I bought the Shea moisture repair & transition kit last week and I've been excited to test it out my self. The shampoo was cool, the conditioner was really nice, and the masque has my hair silky. My relaxed ends felt so smooth & silky and my natural hair seemed to soak it all up. So Im anxious to see how my hair feels after I rinse it out!! Ill keep you updated.

So I also bout the 100% Virgin Coconut Oil, Unrefined and Expeller pressed. I used that and my olive oil mix as my pre-poo & my hair LOVVVEEEDDD the coconut oil! Once I rinse this DP out, Im going to use the coconut oil in my hair as a leave in. Also, my new growth and scalp has been itching lately. I read up on diff. oils and treatments...So i put some tea tree oil on my scalp as pre-poo too & it helped. I also put some tea tree oil on my face after I washed.. (its good for dry, irritated and oily skin as well as your hair!) My face liked it a lot! I have a glow going on! (No oily glow)

Anyways, so i think I figured out my daily, weekly and monthly regimen that I will start going by..(Of course I will still be experimenting with my products on dry versus wet hair, and which oils my hair loves, etc) So here it is...

1. Lightly wet, moisturize and detangle with Soft & Precious Baby Conditioner spray (my hair loves this), Moisturize with ORS Hair & scalp Shea butter, Proclaim coconut oil & ORS Carrot oil,

2. Seal moisture with Virgin Olive Oil

3. Style & spray with Shea Moisture Hair Elixir

Wash or Co-Wash routine..

1. Pre-poo w/coconut/olive oil mix & any other needed oil..

2. Shampoo or Co-Wash

3. Condition (Detangle)

4. Deep condition (Detangle)- Sit under dryer or not..

5. Hot oil treatment (Under dryer) then rinse out.. (my skin is already oily and if I don't rinse my face with be extra oily!!)

6. Leave- in Conditioner

7. Style and spray with Hair Elixir


1. Dust hair while styled in 2- strand twist.. (My hair really responds to frequent dusting of hair)

2. Protein treatment and the deep condition after.. (Ill do this on wash day)

Every 3 months (12 Weeks):

1.Trim my ends & growth check..

So as of tonight, my hair has grown 1/2-1inch in various places of my hair.. I need to start drinking more water a day, working out on a daily basis again, eating my veggies, and taking my vitamins. ( This will contribute to the health and growth of my hair)!!

Well im dog tired and i need to rinse out this conditioner..

IDK if I should apply the coconut oil on wet hair or dry hair...I guess tonight its going to be wet hair...Well see how it responds in the morning.

Oh I have NO CLUE how im going to style my hair in the morning because it too late and IM TOOOOOO Tired to style tonight.. Oh well!!!

Good night loves!!  The first pic is back in my relaxed days! (To give you an idea of my relaxed hair..) & the rest are a few pics of a few styles I've tried(Bantu knots, braid out, twist out) I'll post more later!!

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