Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Braid & Curl...

Hello folks!

So I was inspired to do a braid n curl after seeing it as a good transitioning workout style...wellll...lets say fail...not completely...But just didn't turn out the way I wanted. The next time I do it, Ill definitely try some diff things out.. But maybe braid outs aren't my thing..Although I love the volume they give me with buns and big flat twist and pony's... I hadnt made it that far with this braid out due to dryness. Anyways, It was wash day, so I did my prepoo, wash, condition, deep condition, hot oil and a STEAM TREATMENT (with my hooded dryer, saran wrap, a warm towel) & leave in. I used my Shea MO\oisture products for the whole day and I used some ECO gel and I think HE HH as a leave in & a lil coconut oil....well anyhoot...After I put my braids and perm rods on, I was so excited and couldn't wait for it to dry. I intended on sitting under the dryer...BUT it was too much going on around me so I air dried for like a day straight. (didn't leave the house..lol!). Well to make a long story short..MY NEW GROWTH WAS SOOOO ASHY LOOKING & DRY. But I made it work that day. But yesterday....can you say bad hair day!!! Then the headband I had on...BROKE..(It was only a dollar tho..so what can I expect?? lol)... So last night I had to wash and free my new growth of the dryness... But of course I was searching for products that were best for my kind of  hair...Yes, I looked into the hair typing...Im still confused of my own...I don't know if its 4a or 4c or just in the middle..shrugs! Ill have to wait a while to really know.. Anyhoot. I told myself that I have to work out more!! I have too! So I did a fun Turbo Fire workout and boy I was sweating! & so was my hair! :( So I co-washed with yet another NEW CONDITIONER and then I moisturized with a aloe Vera juice mix. (yes I bought some juice too!) DON'T JUDGE! I need to find my staple products....

The bigger picture is why ws my new growth so dry??? Was it the Herbal Essence, the Shea Moisture, The Eco Gel, or wht???? HMmm..Ill be figuring that out! (I don't sulfate, so I wonder if it was the cones) Ill be checking out all my products..

Im about to post like crazy about random things with my hair and these new products I have! OH but I think I found a regimen that I will stick too!!!!! LOL! After today!! hopefully...I WILL NOT BUY ANYMORE PRODUCT!!

Check out the pics..My relaxed hair was soft, and shining and the definition was okay..I wanted more curls! but LOOK AT MY NEW GROWTH! UGH! DRY so I said BYE! lol

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