Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I been Slacking!

Hello Loves!

I realize I have been slacking so much lately on my post! There have been so many things going on with my hair! I have been snapping pictures here and there, so I will be able to go through my pics and make specific post about them. I do plan to do that!! Right now, I am 4 months post!!! (Whoop Whoop) Still a newbie I think. I recently bought a few new things. I have been trying to keep my PJness under control..But ya know how that goes!! LOL!

Recently I had my hair in a wavy sew in...that was supposed to last 1-2 months..BUT guess what. I took it out after 2 weeks! LMAO!! What can I say..I truly missed my hair and being able to love on it! So the sew in had to go and I don't think I will get another one. Another reason was that I had some cheap hair..smh. it was just toooo much to deal with! Smh! So sad I cant even recall the name! Don't want to tho! *shrugs* Then my hair broke off a lot. I was very sad and that there was my confirmation that I cannot deal with the sew ins anymore! BUT

I had a new growth break through!!! MY HAIR WAS SOFT!! FELT LIKE SILK!!! Well at least the hair that was beehived up! When I took it down my new growth was so soft!!! So I have been trying to figure out what I did... I couldn't really get to that hair but I did mix water and Hello Hydration in a bottle. And I co washed once and oiled once. and just left it alone... Soooo maybe thats what I need to do!!! LEAVE MY HAIR ALONE for the most to get that softness. Its still somewhat soft now, but mane!!!!! I need that particular softness back! I will be experimenting!

I have also decided to make a hair calendar hard copy. Its easier and more convenient for me to just write things down and go back to them later. This way I can keep up with styles, hair mixtures, what I used in my hair, etc.

Well Im going to try to catch up on my posts and everything else!! Thanks & comment!!

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