Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Last week was bun week!!!

Hello Loves!

If you recall from my last post.I mentioned that I had a wavy sew in for 2 weeks. (lol) Well, after 2 weeks I sporadically took it out one night and put it in a bun and went to sleep!! The next morning I decided to bun and I this was going to be my style all week.

Although, two days after the sew in was out, I had finally had time to do my wash routine. I was pushed for time so it was a quick process. I then had a style look that I wanted to do in my head. Two big two strand twist in the front half of my hair and I'd banana clip bun it high in the back! Well those two strand flat twist were fails. My hair was still kind of tangled and wet. So after many attempts I was running out of time and had to get to work. I ended up just regular flat twisting two big twists and banana bunning it! It was a success and very cute. I slicked the edges back with Motions hair wrapping mousse and Egde patrol! One of my players said I had a Princess Diana updo look! I took that as a compliment. But I rocked the Buns all week and it was a low maintenance PS. I was able to work out with this style and just fix my edges and redo the bun if needed each day! Check it out!!


  1. I wish I could just pull my hair back in one during this transition phase. How are you fining transitioning so far? Have you tried any other styles, or do you still have the braids in?

  2. Transistioning is cool. I'm ready to bc cause I'm over the detangling and my permed hair is so fraile and weak and thin. So I'm ready to chop. I have twists in again. Once they cone out, I'm bc. Debat ing if I will wear it twa or get more twist????? How is your journey going? ?